Shelby Frasier     

My story is the raw truth that cuts deep within but how I overcame is a feeling like no other it comes with accountability and knowing my rite  and wrongs in any situation , this project is well needed needed and I was ready to release and dark Secret that was kept for a while. You don’t know my story well enough but God does.life love and lockup is the best thing that has happen in my life. 

April Jackson-Hunter

April M. Jackson-Hunter coming to you straight out of the westside of Atlanta. The projects to be exact…You know Bowen Homes, Perry Homes, Hollywood Court. I’m known for my country grammar, hood slang, being tough as nails, but cooler than a fan. You will either love me or hate me, there’s no in between. For me Life, Love , and Lockup is more than a project, it’s a family. My being a part of it was a blessing.
I’m here to show my people, the ones from the hood, that their voice and their stories matter. I went from welfare recipient to Founder and President. From victim to Survivor. You wanna learn how? Grab the book, take a peek inside and don’t forget to check out my chapter, Diamond in The Hood!

Amina Kirk Thornton

Amina Kirk Thornton is a seasoned contributing author debuting her third writing contribution in the Life Love and Lockup series of books and documentaries. A veteran of many sorts, this time around Amina assures the reader that she is spiritually anchored and gives a more in-depth picture of her battles and scars that have ultimately cracked but not damaged her. 

JoeDrell "Sista Jay Jay" Benjamin

Sista Jay Jay (JoeDrell Benjamin) a native of Petersburg, Virginia by way of Baltimore Maryland, currently resides in Georgia. Besides being a motivational speaker and certified life coach, Sista Jay Jay is an executive producer, producer, director, screenwriter, playwright, actor, rapper, a self-published author of eight books and a businesswoman. She has written, directed and produced over a dozen stage play productions, three independent films, one web series and one docu-series and several short films. She is the owner of three magazines and a streamline website. Sista Jay Jay's motto is to 'Be the best that you can be because no one is better at being you than you."

James Thornton

details to come

Russell M Tyson


Russell M. Tyson, “The Talented Tenth” of Atlanta. What does talent has to do with anything? Why do anything positive? Why become what everyone else want you to become?  Naked truth behind his success. Not every "good" woman deserves to be called "Mother."  This chapter will offend plenty but who doesn't care is this contributing author from Atlanta.   He's been doing it for this long, why stop now! He's Cracked but through his gifts and success stories he's far from Damaged.  The brokeness in his life has caused this CEO, father, successful playwright, branding consultant, set designer, motivator, and most of all Willing Vessel to be a voice to/for fellas that became damaged behind the "single 'mother" lies.  Chapter titled: "He Never Said I Love You."

Latisha "Cookie So Raw" Mosley

Chicago native, Latisha Mosley (Cookie so raw) raised in Miami, Florida. Writing this chapter has helped me release the state of mind , and emotions that were hindering me from furthering my career and living life. Suffering from depression and anxiety is something not everyone understands. If you do not discover what caused you depression how can you fight it? I wanted people to know even the toughest
person can be cracked inside. No one should ever judge someone else; we can see the same thing, but the experience can be different. No matter your situation never lose yourself, it is one thing for someone to not recognize you when they see you. But it something different when you look in the mirror and you do not recognize yourself. Protect you mind ,body and spirit at all cost. The world does not love nobody. Make every move count but remember decisions and lifestyles can be detrimental if you are not careful.


Erica Morris Robinson

Erica Morris Robinson is a Medical Certified Trichologist, Licensed Cosmetologist and Serial   Entrepreneur . Erica’s passion for the medical field, beauty industry and entrepreneurship led her to start multiple businesses including a Hair Restoration and Wellness Center over the past 25 years.  Throughout that time her spirit of excellence and expertise in the field has allowed her to style several professionals, celebrities and music artists.


She has made many long time friends as well as colleagues throughout her career. She has also trained several up and coming cosmetologist on how to perfect their craft. Her compassion for others was the driving force that allowed her to volunteer her time and services to cancer patients and at risk youth. She is currently continuing her education in study of Alternative Medicine to enhance her knowledge and further her career.  Erica is a mother of two, who enjoys spending time with family, traveling and attending live music events.

Monica Crumpler


In life we have many obstacles we may face, one day you may be up, and the next day you may down. God did not promise us there would not be bumps in the road; however, he promised he would never place more on you than you can bare. When life throws lemons, you make lemonade, and at the end of the day you add the sugar to how sweet you would like the lemonade to become.

Natashia Crumpler Bobbitt

This is a brief look at what it means to discover your purpose in the mist of what should have cracked you. Think about going to job on daily basis serving them before you served your family. Then in the blink of eye you lose everything, your house, your relationship, your father and your sanity. At that moment you think the life you once knew is over, until one day you wake up, face yourself in the mirror and realized that more than you failures, and you began discover who you are and walk in your purpose.